Arte, in partnership with Beaux-Arts Magazine and SLICK, awarded its 7th contemporary art prize to Lucien Murat, represented by the LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects gallery (SLICK 2015)

French Scene

The vital aspect of SLICK’s engagement in contemporary art is to give galleries and artists in the French scene the space that they deserve during the Parisian contemporary art week and throughout the year.

Julie Crenn, SLICK’s new artistic director, will select 38 of these galleries by early July. The final list of participating galleries in this 11th edition of SLICK will be announced by July 15, 2016. They will exhibit their artists (1 to 3 per stand) from October 19 to 23, 2016, on the banks of the River Seine, near Alexandre III Bridge in Paris.

For SLICK, the French art scene is made up of:

> French artists working in France and abroad
> Foreign artists living and working in France that participate in the French art scene

In order to recognize artists from the French scene, the Arte prize in partnership with Beaux-Arts Magazine will be awarded for the 8th time in 2016. More information : Links to the Arte Prize.